Introducing the AAA Referral and Broker Program

As a leader in the financial services industry, AAA Commercial Finance Group believes in relationships as the cornerstone for all lending. That’s because relationships let you better understand the risks and rewards inherent in each client’s deal, and they also help you find the deals that are going to be best for everybody. That’s why we build relationships as the cornerstone of our business, too, and we do that by providing the most generous terms for everyone we work with, inside the company and out.

Our Group Brokers

We are currently hiring for regional sales positions around the country. Our sales associates enjoy the benefits of working from wherever they happen to be, and just like our outside referrals, their commissions are competitive and set to reflect the actual footwork they do to close each deal. We believe that this brings us the brightest and most energetic talent in the industry, and our associates agree!


The other side of our referral and broker program is the way we cultivate relationships with outside brokers that can bring us referrals. We not only offer very competitive fees and commissions, we also make a few promises along the way.

  • Your clients are yours, no matter whether or not we fund your deal.
  • We will always send past clients back to you.
  • Our company values our relationship with referral brokers over a single deal.

If you want to work with a nationally recognized, growing company that shows leadership by actually showing it in their conduct and policies, then you have found the right business. Our associates are ready to talk about the process for submission and preview any time. Or, if you are interested in learning more about joining our team, they are always ready to discuss applications and interviews, too. Call today for more information, and find out how to join the AAA family.