Why Your Company Needs Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

There are not many financial tools that every company just plain needs, but there is one. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in or how large your business, it is always a great idea to have unsecured business lines of credit available, even if you do not necessarily use them all the time. That’s because credit lines can help you extend the reach of your cash flow even when you do not need them to maintain balances. They also provide you with easy expense accounting, and that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

AAA Commercial Finance Group Credit Lines

When you take out a credit line with us, you will have access to one of two finding tiers. Smaller companies and startups can typically expect approval for about $50,000 with an application, and businesses with established incomes above $1 million can expect that they will see approvals for lines up to $500,000 with supporting disclosures. Both tiers enjoy many of the same rewards and benefits, including:

  • Zero percent introductory financing offers
  • Regular rates at 1 to 5 percent above the published federal prime rate
  • 10 minute, $45 preapproval credit checks to speed your application

For more information, or to get preapproved, just contact us today.