Purchase Order Financing for Rapid Growth

Nothing slows down the growth of a new business like having to turn down work, so when you are facing demands for large or unexpectedly timed orders, you need to know you have the ability to say yes. That can be challenging, because saying yes involves a commitment, and that might mean needing financing to cover the costs of supplies so you can get started. That is where purchase order financing provides you with an easy and cost effective solution.

How Financing Purchase Orders Works

When you finance your purchase orders, AAA Commercial Funding Group associates review the order and your customer’s credit to determine the size of any available lump sum. That sum is then paid out, and when payment comes in, we subtract the original advance and our service fee before passing the rest on to you.

Benefits of Financing Your Orders

  • Expand your market share by accepting all orders
  • Expand your company with confidence
  • Access your money when you need it to get working
  • No loss of equity or long term debt
  • Fast, flexible, and very easy

Contact us today to get started on an application. Our associates are ready to take your questions and get to work figuring out what kind of advance they can make available to help your company.