Need Equipment Financing? We Can Help Your Company

When you need financing to cover equipment, it’s not always easy to find the support that works for the equipment your company has to acquire. That’s because some financial partners will only focus on either equipment leasing or purchases, necessitating a search for a new lending partner whenever you want to switch tracks. That is why AAA Commercial Finance Group has built a program that combines equipment financing options to deliver everything our clients need.


If you are looking to free up equity so you have a bundle of working capital for your next big move, sell us your equipment and lease it for use until you replace it. That way, you can avoid new debt while still continuing to grow.

Startup Program

If other lenders are turning you down because your company is new but you know you have the plan that will deliver results for your business, our program for new companies is here to support you. Just talk to an associate.

Funding Tiers

If you are looking for equipment funding options, our funding tiers will help you understand what kinds of loans and leases you will likely qualify for. These packages all come with multiple repayment options, and terms of up to 72 months are available on all packages, regardless of size. Our funding tiers are:

  • Up to $150,000—available with an application to most companies
  • $150,000 to $500,000—available with disclosures documenting the applicant’s viability
  • Over $500,000—available to established companies with supporting disclosures

No matter what level of financing you need, we can help.

Credits and Restructuring

Last but not least, if you are restructuring and trimming your operation to make sure you stay competitive in the industry, our B, C, and D credit program can help you decide how to reshape your company. Just talk to an associate today for details about this or any other aspect of our equipment financing program.