Finding the Consumer Finance Program That Fits Your Business

When you are building your business, you need to be able to attract as many customers as possible, and that means being able to meet your potential customers’ needs in more ways than just your products and services can reach. It means being sure you are pricing everything effectively, and sometimes it also means making sure you have a plan to help people with financing. By providing your customers credit through a consumer finance program, you can make it easier for them to afford your goods and services, increasing your business while you build connections to your community.

Program Parameters

When you work with AAA Commercial Finance Group, you can count on your finance program to have the following features:

  • Approval for those with a FICO score of 580 or higher
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates
  • E-signatures accepted for instant approval
  • Have us collect on bad debt portfolios
  • Offer financing to those without other options
  • Handle transactions up to $10,000
  • Offer six months same as cash and other incentives

Setting Up Your Program

When you call our associates, they will be ready to help you get started right away or to answer your questions. Don’t wait—if you are ready to start a consumer credit program, we can get you going today.