Financing Receivables for Better Cash Flow

When you are looking into options for financing that will help you better plan for your expenses and manage your cash flow on a day to day basis, it can be easy to go straight to credit lines without considering all the assets you could be bringing to bear to control costs. One of those assets happens to be the pile of outstanding accounts you need to see paid, so when your cash flow issues stem from customers waiting to pay, you can easily access your money instead of using unsecured debt.

How It Works

Accounts receivable financing is one of the oldest modern forms of commercial finance, and it started back in the middle ages. The concept is simple. Our associates review your outstanding accounts and your customers’ payment histories. Then we calculate the amount available in an advance, and when payment comes in we handle it. Our associates subtract the original advance and the service fee, passing the rest on to you.

Benefits of Financing Your Receivables

When you decide to go with financing receivables to manage your cash flow, you can count on:

  • Payment insurance on your customers at no extra expense to you
  • No closing costs or application fees
  • The ability to take on new orders and keep working
  • Simple, reusable financing with predictable costs

To learn more, including how to build the cost of this financing into your quotes, talk to a AAA Commercial Finance Group associate today.